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About Granola for Good

Good Karma. Great Granola.

Granola for Good brings together uncommonly good granola with uncommonly good people.  Born from a passion for food and a desire to make a difference in our community, Granola for Good didn’t start with a business plan. It started with a good recipe, good friends, and the good people in the neighborhood who wanted to help.

Our Product: Roasted until golden brown to bring out the natural richness of the flavors, Granola for Good blends rolled oats with almonds, pecans, a hint of coconut and a taste of honey. Added to that are cranberries and golden raisins, creating an addictively delicious granola experience. 

Our Mission: A product of Mary O Foods, LLC, Granola for Good’s mission is to make the best granola while raising awareness about and funds for our community and non-profit partners.

Eat Granola. Do Good.

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Our Story

People have always loved my granola, but I never dreamed I could start my own business. After years working in nonprofit leadership and organizing, Granola for Good is a way to bring together my love of food for food with my passion to make a difference in our community.


Originally starting in 2009, Inspiration Corporation was our first community partner, where Granola for Good was made in their Living Room Café for just ten pounds of granola a month. 

Now we’ve relaunched the same delicious granola with a renewed focus on all the good being done in Chicago.  


Granola for Good is made with healthy, natural ingredients, including all of my favorites.  And just like we need good food for our bodies, we need good news for our souls. Which is why every month we'll shine a spotlight on organizations and people making our world a better place, show you how you can get involved, and donate back to the community.

So start your day with good food for your mind, body and soul!  It’s not just good granola, but granola for good.

- Mary Stonor Saunders, Founder

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