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How do we celebrate the uncelebrated?

Thanksgiving reflections and reasons to be grateful...

How do we celebrate the uncelebrated?

This Thanksgiving, as I reflect on what I am grateful for, I think of all those who generally are not celebrated, but are the connective tissue that binds their communities and makes others better. Sharing their stories and connecting people to their work is at the heart of Granola for Good's mission.

They may not be leaders in the conventional sense, but they

Show up to support others

Do the work when no one is looking

Take personal risks to do what’s right

Give without expectation

Serve without recognition

Lead with love.

We all know people like this, in every walk of life, in every profession and every community. They may not get an award or make it on to a list, but they make work, family, life, the world a better, more beautiful place.

This Thanksgiving I am most grateful for, and celebrate, them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

- Mary O

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